The Villages


Exchange locations offering a complementary offer to major sectors, the SMART INDUSTRIES Villages represented a sharp and diversified offer at the heart of Eurexpo, in the central hall 4.


    This is where a number of SMEs and start-ups from the CAP’TRONIC network presented their innovative products and services for the industry of the future.
  • MES VILLAGE / Hall 4
    No Industry of the Futur without M.E.S. This is one of the slogans of the MES club, the association bringing together specialists in the field.
  • S&D VILLAGE / Hall 4
    The Strategy and Business Development Village brought together a number of consultancy firms who will work with managers on developing their businesses and enhancing their industrial strategies.
    The research space brought together various Laboratories looking to forge productive partnerships with companies who want to develop new products based on the research that has been carried out.
    The Digital Continuity Village illustrated cooperation between European industry and IT leaders. Our solution simplifies exchanges and data sharing in an environment managed in real time, something that is vital for the digital transformation to the industry of the future. 
    Artema, the mechatronic manufacturers’ association.
    Artema and its manufacturing members had a bigger presence than ever at Smart Industries in order to present the mechatronics, power transmissions, bearings, fastenings, etc. that are used in all sectors of industry. These are essential components and systems for industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance.

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