27 on 30 mars 2018Parc des expositions
Paris Nord Villepinte

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Dare to create the Industry of the Future

Creating the Industry of the Future is daring to embrace the digital world and sustainably implement the 4th revolution in your company. This has become a national ambition since the President launched the Industry of the Future project.

The manufacturing world has entered the era of virtualization and data, reflecting our daily reality.

Companies are moving toward an economy of services and usage, customers are once again at the center and the driving seat of the manufacturing value chain ... this revolution is based on mastering new technologies, training people, and rethinking organization models.

Entrepreneurs need to change their business model and find their place in the value-added chain, think about switching their business to services, and review the organization of their workflow related to changing purchasing practices ...

From design to manufacturing, the Industry of the Future is an interconnected global system. In comparison, Industry 3.0 had a vertical integration approach, with systematic process automation and machines that could not communicate. In the 4.0 world, they can “speak” to one another, and technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, and cobotics will increase the efficiency of factories.

If this migration is to move to the next level, the managers of all companies and in every line of business must start today.


To be a part of this mind-blowing and game-changing revolution, all companies must ask themselves the right questions, and Smart-Industries helps you find the right answers.

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