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Paris Nord Villepinte

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Major fields

The exhibition is divided in six major categories that illustrate the impact of digital technologies on the manufacturing sector of today:

1 - The product/process design, which covers all the tools and engineering services involved in the design of parts, finished products, processes, production lines, etc. This design incorporates aspects of modeling, simulation, virtualization, prototyping, and so on.

2 - The management and control of the production system. There are three performance criteria: the control system, traceability, and the management of physical flows. This section includes equipment like PCs and PLCs, along with MES and ERP.

3 - The manufacturing operations are the third category, with two performance criteria: accuracy and flexibility. The latest developments include additive manufacturing, cobotics, etc.

4 - Services related to the production system. These include integration, installation, and maintenance services.

5 - The fifth includes the digital technologies behind the upheaval in manufacturing, like the Cloud or Big Data.

6 - Finally, the work organization. The human element is included in this category, with work-aid tools like augmented reality or cobotics, and essential training in new technologies.

Of course, the environmental aspect, including energy efficiency, is covered in each category.

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