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The itineraries

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“Smart-Industries” itineraries

Smart-Industries will design its itineraries to coincide with hot issues.

Virtual Factory

The concept of a “virtual factory” is based on using digital technologies to optimize the layout of machining/assembly workstations, simulate their operation, and design the control/command systems. A number of digital solutions are available on the market, usually dealing with one aspect of the overall process. Now, the most advanced incorporate these phases in a single computing environment. Solutions for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will also be highlighted.

Additive manufacturing (Prototyping, direct manufacturing)

Additive manufacturing is producing a part layer by layer from its digital definition. The object takes shape as each section solidifies. It can be extremely complex and incorporate internal mechanisms and embedded or woven geometries. In short, characteristics that are sometimes impossible to reproduce through conventional processes.


Cobotics are enabling robotics to pass a key step: making machines with potentially enormous inertia harmless enough to work in the presence of operators. It opens the way for many new applications, especially in assisting operators in handling and assembly tasks. While the word for this new discipline was created in 1999, it has taken several years for viable collaborative robot solutions to reach the market.

On-the-go (Predictive maintenance, remote management, shared CAPM)

Dealing with equipment that fails is much more expensive than fixing or maintaining it. Many small businesses are still organized to provide basic maintenance and corrective solutions. The most advanced companies focus on prevention based on product life and inspection dates. Predictive maintenance is the next level.


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