27 on 30 march 2018Parc des expositions
Paris Nord Villepinte


Connect+Event in Smart-Industries

The International RFID Congress is now Connect+Event, which covers the entire sector from RFID to professional communicating objects.

Using Connected Objects for manufacturing purposes (e.g., traceability, supply chain, distribution) raises very specific issues. Unlike the connected objects usually offered to the general public (e.g., connected bracelets, thermostats, blood pressure monitors), which are easily portable, connected objects in a manufacturing process often need to be specifically built or configured (e.g., to optimize a supply chain).


The explosion of Connected Objects creates new uses and an infinite number of potential applications, including infrastructure management, inventory tracking, the fight against counterfeits, tracking equipment, hospital patient safety, etc.

Connect+Event will present the solutions that can meet the challenges of Professional Connected Objects via a series of conferences and a 1,000m² space for demonstrating solutions and applications.


The Connect+Event event will once again be at the heart of Smart-Industries 2018.

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