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The birth of a great event for the industry of the future

Discover The Convergence itineraries

Discover The Convergence demonstrators

From the 6th to the 9th of December 2016, the exhibition center in Paris Nord Villepinte will host the event dedicated to the Industry of the Future that President François Hollande called for.

“Converging toward the industry of the future” will bring together key stakeholders that are affected by the major changes facing the manufacturing sector in France and beyond, with Germany as the Guest of Honor.

It will federate 3 events held simultaneously for the occasion: MIDEST, the reference exhibition in Europe for all the industrial subcontracting know-how, SMART INDUSTRIES, the new exhibition dedicated to the intelligent factory, and FORUM CONVERGENCE, a space 100% dedicated to the industry of the future that will include a schedule of conferences and events, an overview of cutting-edge industrial achievements, several pavilions representing institutions...

A political will that unites an entire country ... and beyond!

In April 2015, President François Hollande announced the expansion of the Factory of the Future plan, now renamed Industry of the Future and backed by the professional federations united in a new umbrella association created for the occasion, the Industry of the Future Alliance.

On 9 February, Ministers E. Macron and T. Mandon called for the organization of a “large exhibition for the Industry of the Future” that would provide visibility to the efforts to modernize the production apparatus of SMEs and mid-cap companies. The challenges faced by the sector go beyond the borders of France.

At a press conference on Franco-German cooperation in the digital economy on 27 October, President Hollande placed the issue at the European level: “We must think as Europeans (...). The manufacturing of the future will be more connected and more sustainable. The Industry of the Future, already mobilizing thousands of companies, was designed to complement the German Industry 4.0 platform, and that is a good thing.” He also made an announcement: “Next year, we will organize an exhibition featuring the Industry of the Future, and Germany will be the guest of honor.”

The combination of two large manufacturing exhibitions and a space entirely dedicated to the manufacturing sector of the future

It is in this context and with the backing of the highest authorities in the land that the “Converging toward the Industry of the Future – Paris 2016” event will be held from the 6th to the 9th of December, 2016.

For the first time, the entire French manufacturing sector – companies, purchasers, equipment and solutions providers, subcontractors, research centers ... will gather at the exhibition center in Paris-Nord Villepinte to present an overview of French know-how, alongside the best international specialists, and contribute to the necessary digital and ecological transformation of companies.

The Convergence itineraries

The Industry of the Future Alliance considers it essential for R&D departments to support the development of technological ranges in production technology, design, logistics, and digital tools around seven key themes:

  1. Digitalization of the value chain
  2. Automation / Workflow automation / Robotics
  3. Additive manufacturing
  4. Monitoring and control
  5. Composites and new materials, assemblies
  6. The worker’s place in the Factory / Cobotics / Augmented Reality
  7. Energy Efficiency and Environmental Footprint of Companies, Integration in the ecosystem

The demonstrators

The government is obviously aiming to present the best technological ranges and help companies modernize their production tools, but it also hopes to demonstrate French know-how in terms of the Industry of the future.

These events showcase French technological know-how and will need to combine the skills of manufacturers and their professions.

These showcases will be consistent with the themes selected by the Industry of the Future Alliance and the Ministry of the Economy, Industry, and Digital Technologies.

Purchasers will be able to position themselves as major players in France, due to their know-how and ability to innovate as well as their professional skills in order to showcase the workers.

Manufacturing companies will be highlighted at all the events, and advertising materials designed under the convergence framework will provide strong media coverage.

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