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Since its creation in 1989, Meta Productique has been integrating innovative solutions in process management. Our expertise in new technologies and the implementation of performance management tools allow us to position on industrial and energy optimization markets, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and on Building Management System (BMS) projects too. The company has been built around a double human and economical project. Its growth is confirmed today by a financial stability marked 3 at the Bank de France.
Meta 2i is the publisher of the KmProd (Knowledge Management Production) software package based on modern, open and scalable technologies, which meets all the needs for the preparation, the follow-up, the control and the optimization of the production by the analysis of industrial performance (OEE, TEEP ...) and energy performance.


  • Control
  • Remote Control
  • MES
  • Traceability / monitoring
  • Tracking of parts
  • Tracking of batches, logging
  • Services
  • Services / Engineering
  • Transversal / Digital technologies
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Work Organization
  • Work Organization
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Maintenance Industrielle
  • GED (Gestion électronique de documents)



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  • KmProd Knowledge Management Production

    Meta Productique, having industrial expertise gained in the study and development of systems, supervision and optimization applications of workshops in industry, today is focusing its knowledge on the advice and edition of its production monitoring and Mes software packages. The latter are genuine foundations of systems integrating the development of technical specialized modules which are optimized and which can interact. They enable to create or complete the factory or workshop industrial information system. OPERATIONAL FUNCTIONALITIES - Editing industrial software packages of production monitoring (KmProd) - Creating solutions and MES applications - Developing industrial computing on the standards of the market - Integrating process supervision applications - Revamping of softwares, applications and systems - Application technical training (authorized training center) - Advice and audit of production sites - Remote on-line updating - TMA, Third Application Maintenance
  • KmReport : Energy management software

    As an independent complement to the KmProd tool, KmReport v.3 meets the needs of industries for the analysis of their energy data. As part of the eco-efficiency approach, KmReport is a valuable decision-making tool for G.T.B., usable by all thanks to its intuitive 100% WEB interface and its native integration into Excel®. Simple reports, in complete autonomy, meeting the standards and news of your sector, KmReport accompanies you to measure your energy performance. Energetic performance Analyzing your energy consumption requires relevant indicators. As a real decision-making tool, KmReport supports you in the framework of continuous improvement processes that meet the ISO 50001 certification of energy management. Establish your Energy Performance Indicators (EPI), study the distribution of energy costs (in euros and gCO2) and consumptions, and link to production data (consumption by product, machine ...): KmReport is a valuable tool in your energy optimization approach. - Build your performance indicators (kWH / m², average kWH cost, percentage change compared to the reference period ...) - Analyze your data and identify the most consuming periods, the distribution of consumption ... - Schedule alerts to detect and be notified of any anomaly (leaks, meter failures or networks ...). A valuable tool for analysis and decision-making, KmReport supports you for efficient and optimized Building Management at all times.


  • Faisal BIN DOS
    Faisal BIN DOS
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